Expressions of Life

First it starts as a dream, a wish or a vision of something you want to achieve, that’s the easy part. From there it sits in your mind until you either draft an action plan, abandon the idea altogether or let it sit in the recesses of your mind until it collects dust, fades away or dies. Sounds rather harsh, right? Yes, it is harsh, because that’s what we do to our dreams. The flickers of hope that dance through our minds like snowflakes that are rarely seen in southern Texas. The amazing ideas that are left lifeless on the cutting room floor. The ground breaking innovations that stay locked inside our minds for fear of… failure. Yes, I said it, failure. Well that’s one thing I’ve learned in life, in order to succeed at anything, you have to have failed at SEVERAL things before.

I first envisioned writing a blog a few years ago. I only dreamed about it. The name that would create intrigue, the topics of the post that would spark a buzz of comments, the layout that would speak to the reader as though they were stepping into a haven of self help, hope, inspiration and motivation. The ideas of how to market the blog via social media, and the plethora of options of sites to host the blog overwhelmed me. Reading other bloggers post intimidated me and the thought of writing a poorly written blog post terrified me. I was OVER THINKING this simple idea that was supposed to be fun, uplifting and inspiring. So I abandoned the idea, temporarily, until I felt I might be ready, later. Later turned into 2 1/2 yrs and on a whim I said to myself, today you set a goal and challenge yourself to achieve it in 30 days. The twist, post it to my almost 900 friends on Facebook, all of whom know that if I say I am going to do something, I will. In a sense, unknowingly, they were my accountability partners. Now the stage was set and I HAD to create a blog and a blog post in 30 days.

Two weeks later, reality set in, I had no solid plan of action, but, I had a Pinterest Board that was simply AMAZING!!! It was filled with infographics, flowcharts, how to’s, tutorials, tips, tools, advice and resources on….wait for it, you guessed it…BLOGGING! It was more information than I could possibly consume in less than 2 weeks in order to meet my deadline. But there is one thing that I know I am good at, working well under pressure. I don’t always do things the “conventional” or the “traditional” way, that would be contrary to who I am. I jump head first into a project and figure out the details along the way. I started a business with no business plan, I cut my hair off without “transitioning” (a term used by the natural hair community when you grow your permed hair out while letting your natural hair grow in, and then cut off the permed hair as the natural hair gets longer), I left home at 18 without a job, money or a suitcase (literally in trash bags), I’ve never had a traditional “9-5” job, and the list goes on. So this, was no different. I had two weeks to achieve this goal and I had no intention of giving myself an extension on the deadline.

Now began the journey of “what to write about?’, “what would people be interested in?”, and “how often should I blog?”. I knew one thing, I wasn’t interested in winning awards, getting sponsorship, or making money from blogging. What I was interested in was sharing my life experiences as a means of helping others, heal from a broken heart, find a career they love, scratch an item off their bucket list,  find the love they deserve, grow their network, start a business and achieve a goal that seemed unattainable, just to name a few. I wanted the theme to be centered around “Expressions”, because to me, Expressions means:

The act of expressing, conveying, or representing in words, art, music, or movement; a manifestation:

So now the dilemma was, WHAT EXPERIENCE, LIFE LESSON, DECISIONS OR EMOTION DO I EXPRESS FIRST??? The PAIN I felt when one of the closet people in my life betrayed me, the EXCITEMENT I feel when I walk onto a stage to speak, the SADNESS I experienced when my niece was diagnosed with Autism, the LOVE I feel when I am with the man that I will spend the rest of my life with, the ANGER I felt when my chances of having a child were significantly decreased, the ACCOMPLISHMENT I feel seeing my business expand or the FEAR I felt when one of my most sacred choices in life was violently taken from me. Well, contrary to how I have been living my life, I have decided to be transparent, and share them all.

This journey called life has not been easy, but I’m still standing. I’m a warrior and I fight to win. I’m a very private person and unless you REALLY know me, you don’t know much about my personal life. I am fiercely protective of my private space, my opinions on big subject matters, and those close to me. I share only the things that I think may helps someone else out WITHOUT putting my life on display. The most you may know about me at this point it is, I am a speaker/presenter who has spoken to over 500K people in over 40 states, I am a small business owner, I have one niece with Autism, I have a dog named Prada, and I adore my mother. Does that sound about right? Yes. Well buckle up, because my “Expressions of Life” are about to be revealed!

Come join me as I share pain, laughter, joy and sadness of the life that I have lived. I will also share tips and tools on career, personal branding, social media marketing and small business planning and other things that inspire me. Welcome to “Expressions of Life”.


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