Mind, Body & Soul – Your Total Well Being

Seven Mile Beach (Grand Cayman Island)

Seven Mile Beach (Grand Cayman Island)

How many times have we looked in the mirror and felt frustrated at what we saw? For many of us, many times a week. Let’s face it, our bodies are not what they used to be. Not, 20, 10 or even 5 years ago. If you’ve changed for the better, that’s a great space to be in. But if your body has changed into something you are not comfortable with or you just want to change it to be healthier, LISTEN UP!

Your body hears everything that your mind says so in order to change your body, you must first change your MIND. To have a healthier body, your mind and soul must be aligned in a more positive state. You see, your body is typically a direct reflection of what state of mind you are currently in. When you are depressed, sad, lonely, angry, hurt or just unhappy; your body is all of those things as well. So your question is, how do I change my state of mind? Well my question is, what are you feeding your mind?  You have to put more positive in your space in order to leave less room for the negative. Take the picture of the beach for example, just having that as my screen saver when I log onto my computer makes me smile. It is a positive, relaxing image. Here are a few tips to get you started.

5 Tips for Creating a Positive State of Mind

  • THINK Positive – Read daily inspirational quotes, subscribe to positive newsletters, create sticky notes around your work space filled with positive things about yourself and your life.
  • Choose Your Attitude“Life is 20% of what happens to you and 80% of how you respond to it.” Albeit a sliding scale based on the circumstance, but I believe that things will happen, but the biggest impact on your life will be how you respond to it.
  • Acceptance & Responsibility – Accept the things you cannot change! Wasting time on things that are out of your control is detrimental to your state of being. Take responsibility for those things you can change and work to improve.
  • DARE TO DREAM – If someone says, “you can’t”, there’s a huge probability that YOU CAN. If there’s something you want to try or do, DO IT! You only live once.
  • LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE – Live like there’s no tomorrow, laugh at the small things and love yourself first so that you can properly love those around you.

As you begin to feed your mind more positive energy your body is now ready to be feed! Your body needs to be cared for so that it will be healthier and produce the results you want. Here are five tips to caring for your body.

5 Tips for Creating a Healthier Body

  • Share Selectively – Simply put, don’t share your body with anyone who is not worth your time. If you are questioning why you are with them, you need to take a step back and evaluate the situation before you continue to share your intimate space.
  • Monitor Your Intake – East slower and watch your proportions. If you need help, there are a plethora of APPs (on your mobile device) that you can download.
  • Pamper Your Skin – Take the extra few minutes to moisturize your skin. Your skin needs just as much care as your inner body.
  • Exercise – Start with just a few minutes a day. No need to sign up for a gym if that’s not an option, there are DVD’s and YouTube (which is free).
  • SLEEP – Not just the act of sleeping, but get quality sleep. You have to unplug from the world so that your mind has an opportunity to wind down. Try journaling, stretching, or reading about 10-20 minutes before you go to sleep. Instead of falling asleep to the sound of the TV, try Soundscapes instead. Soundscapes like rain sounds are also available on YouTube (free).

Day to day life is very stressful and most of us spend an absorbent amount of time caring for others. In order to take care of your soul, you need to commit to first caring for your mind and body and then start spending 20 minutes a day, taking care of YOURSELF. Caring for your soul starts with pampering yourself or indulging in your favorite activity. I know many of us don’t feel we have 20 minutes for ourselves, but if you are on social media, take some of that time, unplug and take time for yourself. It’s time to Relax, Relate and RELEASE! Below are a few examples of ways to care for you and release stress, just 20 minutes a day. But if you want to take longer, feel free, it’s your time.

20 Minute Stress Relievers

  • Soak in a warm bath
  • Sip on a cup of tea (on the patio)
  • Read a chapter of your favorite book
  • Read a magazine
  • Yoga
  • Journal or Blog
  • Pray or Meditate
  • Take a walk
  • Enjoy soothing music
  • Give yourself a pedi/mani
  • Do something you love (a hobby – jigsaw puzzle, scrapbooking, etc)

Nothing changes overnight, however, nothing will change if you don’t start the process of changing.

Blessings & Namaste,



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